Static Maps

Web Mapping

  • An interactive winter storm priority map, which displays parkways, sidewalks and crosswalks symbolized by their plowing priority.
  • An interactive Heritage Landscape Atlas, which enables users to explore the data collected as part of the ongoing Heritage Landscape Inventory Program.

Spatial Analysis

  • The analysis and designation of all DCR property as Parkland, Reserve or Woodland, in support of the DCR's Forest Futures Visioning Process.

GPS Applications

  • DCR Roads and Trails pdf format of DCR Roads and Trails
- An application that allows the GIS Program to collect accurate and useful trail data. Attributes include trail surface, width and condition as well as point attributes to note the location of trail damage, intersections, gates and historic sites, among others.
  • DCR Parks Heritage Landscape Inventory pdf format of DCR Parks Heritage Landscape Inventory 
- An application that allows the Office of Cultural Resources to collect accurate information on the archaeological sites and historic buildings, structures and landscapes that are located on DCR property. Attributes include the current condition of each resource, as well as threats and recommendations.

Datalayer Development

  • The Program continues to update the Protected Open Space datalayer with new acquisitions and more accurate information for older acquisitions.
  • The Dams datalayer, which contains points derived from the Office of Dam Safety database, was released in February, 2012.
  • The DCR’s Management Forestry Program released a statewide datalayer of state forest and park roads and trails. The GIS Program will continue to update and maintain this datalayer.

ArcGIS Online

  • An online database of DCR streetlights that supports live mapping of lighting systems owned and maintained by the agency. Engineers, planners and DCR contractors can view information about streetlights on web maps from any internet enabled device. The database can also be updated by anyone with editing capabilities, which maintains a reasonably accurate, real-world representation of DCR lighting systems.