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The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is in the midst of undertaking a $25 million dollar renourishment and restoration project at Winthrop Beach. As anyone who watches TV news weather reports knows, during major storms, Winthrop Beach is routinely subject to overtopping of the seawall and major flooding of Winthrop Shore Drive and surrounding roads and properties. DCR’s much-needed shore protection project is designed to better fortify Winthrop Beach against the full force of northeast storms and natural beach erosion. The nourishment will also result in an expanded beach area for recreational use. 

The project is broken into four phases of work. The first two phases of the project – groin repairs and nourishing the southern end of the beach – were completed in 2013.  Phase 3 of the project, about to get underway, involves trucking in sand from a borrow site in Rumney Marsh in Saugus to nourish the northern end of the beach. The fourth phase of the project will include improvements to Winthrop Shore Drive.

The Winthrop Beach Renourishment Project compliments a separate project by expanding a planned salt marsh restoration at DCR’s Rumney Marsh Reservation in Saugus.   The subsequent project for Rumney Marsh is currently in design and received a funding boost by its connection to the Winthrop project. The Ballard Street Marsh Restoration will be undergoing a public review process with a public meeting this spring.  Work should commence by the summer of 2015.    

New boards will be installed at beach openings north of Cutler Street 11/2/15
New boards will be installed at beach openings north of Cutler Street 11/2/15

Two Week Look Ahead

November 21, 2015 - December 4, 2015

The following activities will be occurring over the next
two weeks.

Revere Street
- Pavement markings from Short Beach to Highland Ave. (Sat, 11/21 to Wed. 11/25)
Crest Avenue
- Pavement markings from Highland Ave. to 100 feet south of Grovers Ave. (Sat. 11/21 to Wed. 11/25)
Winthrop Shore Drive
- Pavement markings in the vicinity of Pearl and Dolphin Avenues (Sat. 11/21 to Wed. 11/25)
Winthrop Beach Seawall
- Complete wall patching, concrete repairs and painting
- New boards for beach openings in the seawall (see photo at right)
Winthrop Beach Survey
- Quarterly monitoring survey of beach performance (Sat. 11/21 to Tues. 11/24)
- Maintenance on erosion control devices

South end of Winthrop Beach 11/13/15
South end of Winthrop Beach 11/13/15
Winthrop Beach 2 week
Wattles provide erosion control adjacent to the salt marsh restoration in Area D in Saugus 11/16/15

Project Schedule

Winter/Spring 2014

  • Crest Avenue parking lot expansion and improvements
  • Mobilization in Winthrop and Saugus
  • Revetment work at Pearl Avenue
  • Groin repairs at Winthrop Beach
  • Beginning of sand extraction in Saugus and placement at Winthrop Beach

Summer 2014

  • Construction of Terminal Groin at Winthrop Beach
  • Continued extraction of sand in Saugus and  placement at Winthrop Beach

Fall 2014

  • Construction of footbridge and Ballard Street parking lot improvements in Saugus
  • Repair of Hawthorn Avenue Ramp  in Winthrop
  • Restoration of Cutler Street entrance at Winthrop Beach

Winter/Spring  2015

  • Continued excavation of sand in Saugus and placement at Winthrop Beach
  • Creation of berm pathway in Saugus

Summer 2015

  • Drainage improvements and beach amenities at Pearl Avenue
  • Landscape and playground work at Crest Avenue

Fall 2015

  • Restoration of  Pearl Avenue Wall

More Information

DCR will continue to post information and updated schedules on this project web page.

Questions or concerns about the project should be directed to DCR Resident Engineer Steve Colometo, at the DCR trailer behind the DCR bathhouse on Winthrop Shore Drive, by visit or phone (617-539-4957) during regular business hours,  Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.   In case of an emergency, contact 911 or DCR’s 24/7 emergency hotline at the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency at 508-820-1428.     

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