Resource Management Planning


Resource Management Planning forms the framework for managing public lands based upon a comprehensive inventory and assessment of environmental and recreational resources, an identification of the unique characteristics of a property or management unit, the development of clear management goals and objectives, and an implementation plan to guide the short and long-term management of the parks, forests and reservations under the stewardship of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).

The mission of the DCR Resource Management Planning (RMP) Program is to work with all Divisions and Bureaus of DCR, partner agencies and organizations, and the general public to:

  • develop and implement an RMP program that meets current and future statewide resource management planning needs for DCR, and
  • prepare and submit resource management plans to the DCR Stewardship Council for the Council’s adoption with respect to all reservations, parks and forests under the management of the department.

The DCR Bureau of Planning, Design & Resource Protection is responsible for the oversight and coordination of the Resource Management Planning Program. Program staff coordinates closely with the Division of State Parks and Recreation (DSPR), the Forest Stewardship Program, the Division of Water Supply Protection (DWSP), and staff from a variety of Bureaus and Programs throughout the agency.

The Department is guided by a legislative mandate to prepare management plans for state parks, reservations and forests. M.G.L. Chapter 21: Section 2F. states that:

The Commissioner of Conservation and Recreation shall submit management plans to the DCR Stewardship Council for the Council’s adoption with respect to all reservations, parks and forests under the management of the Department.

Management plans shall include guidelines for operations and land stewardship, provide for the protection of natural and cultural resources, and ensure consistency between recreation, resource protection, and sustainable forest management.

The Commissioner shall seek and consider public input in the development of management plans, and shall make draft plans available for a public review and comment period through notice in the Environmental Monitor.

Within thirty days of the adoption of such management plans, as amended from time to time, the Commissioner shall file a copy of such plans as adopted by the Council with the State Secretary and the Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Agriculture of the General Court.

The Commissioner shall be responsible for implementing said management plans.

Land Stewardship Zoning Guidelines are incorporated into Resource Management Plans to help guide the long-term management of a specific DCR property or facility. Each RMP undertaken by DCR will include a public participation process to ensure that the public and interested parties have the opportunity to provide input into the project. There are several RMP projects currently underway , and RMP's adopted by the Stewardship Council are also listed on this website.

Please see the RMP Updates page for additional information about the RMP Program.