Fort Phoenix Planning Unit

Resource Management Plan

Located along the northwestern shore of Buzzards Bay are Fort Phoenix Beach State Reservation, Nasketucket Bay State Reservation, and West Island State Reservation. Collectively, these three reservations comprise the Fort Phoenix Planning Unit.

Although each property provides public access to the Bay, they offer different visitor experiences. Fort Phoenix Beach State Reservation offers a guarded beach, picnic facilities, and a variety of recreation activities. Nasketucket Bay State Reservation offers visitors the opportunity to walk quiet, wooded trails through a rare Coastal Forest/Woodland, surrounded by oaks and American holly. West Island State Reservation offers the opportunity to experience peaceful walks through forests and along the edges of a barrier beach and salt marsh. All provide visitors the opportunity to experience the nature of Buzzards Bay.

Resource Management Plans (RMPs) are working documents that consider the past, present and future of a property. They draw on available existing information to provide an inventory and assessment of existing conditions and activities, enabling the DCR to establish guidelines for future management. Results of this planning process include guidance for short and long-term management of properties and identification of priorities for capital and operating budgets.

Fort Phoenix Planning Unit

Public input is an important component of the process. It enhances communication and cooperation among the DCR, park visitors, stakeholders, partners, and the surrounding communities.

Two public meetings were convened as part of the planning process. The first was held on April 13, 2011 and the second on January 12, 2012; 30-day public comment periods followed each meeting. Public input received at these meetings and during the associated comment periods helped shape the Fort Phoenix Resource Management Plan, which was adopted by the DCR Stewardship Council on May 11, 2012.

Project Manager

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