Resource Management Planning

Each Resource Management Plan undertaken by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) will include a public participation process to insure that interested parties have opportunities to provide input on the project . Public participation in the review of Resource Management Plans will involve an organized opportunity to gather public input, ongoing opportunities to submit input during the planning process, and opportunities to provide comments on draft Plans.

Public meetings or listening sessions will be posted on DCR's public meetings website and draft Plans will be posted at resource management planning website. DCR encourages the public to provide comments on draft Plans, as well as to register any questions or concerns, by emailing Additional means for sharing input with DCR on specific properties will be announced as the planning processes move forward.

  • M.G.L. Chapter 21: Section 2F requires that draft Resource Management Plans will be available for public review and comment period through a notice published in The Environmental Monitor, published bimonthly by the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. As part of the required public review, copies of the draft Plan will be made available to interested parties and posted on the DCR website.
  • Any public meeting held to receive comments on the draft Plan will be published in The Environmental Monitor and on the DCR website. Notice will also be sent to local communities, constituent groups, and newspapers as appropriate.
  • The final Resource Management Plan will be submitted by the Commissioner of DCR to the DCR Stewardship Council for adoption. The Plan will include a summary of the public participation process.
  • DCR shall file a copy of the adopted Resource Management Plan with the Secretary of State and the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture (formerly the Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Agriculture).