The Office of Regional Planning within the Bureau of Planning, Design & Resource Protection includes the Resource Management Planning (RMP) Program, MEPA project review, and project management for important DCR initiatives.

  •   Resource Management Planning :Office of Regional Planning staff members coordinate with others in DCR, stakeholders and partners to prepare comprehensive Resource Management Plans (RMPs) for DCR properties. The legislation that established DCR (M.G.L. Ch 21, Sect 2F) requires the Department to prepare RMPs for all reservations, parks and forests. These plans provide guidance for the stewardship of natural and cultural resources, and ensure consistency between recreation, resource protection and sustainable forest management. Public input and review is an important component of the RMP process.
  • MEPA project review :  Assessment of projects affecting DCR properties and facilities through the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) review process is coordinated through the Office of Regional Planning. MEPA comment letters identify adverse impacts to DCR interests, and include recommended strategies to mitigate such impacts.
  • Project management:  Staff of the Office of Regional Planning are also involved with the administration and oversight for design, permitting and construction of complex projects that are of regional importance and scale. Ensuring the protection of important natural resources, and ongoing coordination and communication with partners and stakeholders are key components of this responsibility.