Call for Artists! - Iron Ranger Painting Program

2015 Program Postponed

For eight years, the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has sponsored a Call For Artists! for local artists to paint metal contribution containers (known as Iron Rangers) that receive financial donations to benefit our state parks system through the Conservation Trust and Urban Parks Trust Fund.

The Iron Ranger Painting Program has been postponed.

The 170 Iron Rangers located in 118 properties across the state collect donations made by many of the more than 33 million visitors the Commonwealth attracts to its many state parks, beaches and forests each year.  Donations received through these Iron Rangers fund educational programs and conservation projects in the parks.  Once painted, the Iron Rangers attract more attention, and patrons contribute more generously.  In some cases, donations in existing Iron Rangers have more than doubled over the previous year, once they are painted.  

Pictures of painted Iron Rangers      List of Iron Ranger locations

Please check back in January 2016 for updated information on the launching of the upcoming Call For Artists!

Contact Sharon Hoey at for further information.

This program is funded by DCR’s Conservation Trust and Urban Parks Trust Fund.