Matching Funds Program

Fowl Meadow Before 2008
Fowl Meadow Before 2008

To create new models of stewardship to protect and sustain the natural, cultural, historical and recreational public resources of the Commonwealth for future generations.

The Partnerships Matching Funds Program accepts applications from park advocacy groups, civic and community organizations, institutions, businesses, non-state government partners and individuals with an interest in improving the Commonwealth’s natural, cultural and recreational resources. DCR considers applications that will provide a match of non-state funds for capital projects in state parks. DCR assigns a project manager to each approved project who will oversee implementation of the project in close consultation with the partners making the contributions.

Fowl Meadow After 2008
Fowl Meadow After 2008

The program has received hundreds of applications over the past four years. Approved projects included improvements to historic buildings in Cambridge, design work to improve Greater Boston’s bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, flood mitigation work in Waltham, landscape enhancements to Borderland State Park in Sharon, and trail improvements to the Southern New England Trunk Line Trail in Franklin and Bellingham.

A 2:1 match will be provided to successful applications with contributions up to and including $25,000 and 1:1 will be provided for contributions above $25,000.

Applications May Be

Emailed to

Faxed to Tom Reece at 617-626-1351

Mailed to:
Tom Reece, Director of Partnerships
Partnerships Matching Funds Program
Department of Conservation and Recreation
Office of External Affairs and Partnerships
251 Causeway Street, Suite 600
Boston, MA 02114

Schedule of Funding For FY' 16 Projects

Project Concept Forms deadline: Tuesday, June 23, 2015 Download Form pdf format of Project Concept Form
docx format of                             project concept

Final Application deadline: TBD

DCR notification of applicants: TBD

Partners funding due to DCR Trust: One month from notification

If you have questions regarding the schedule or other aspects of the DCR Partnerships Matching Funds Program, please contact:

DCR Director of Partnerships, Tom Reece at 617-626-4989 or e-mail

Program Standards

  • Partners may be community groups, friends groups, park advocacy groups, corporations, institutions, and individuals.
  • DCR gives priority to applications from multiple partners working collaboratively to complete a project. The agency welcomes dedicated individuals who work collaboratively toward the improvement of the Commonwealth’s environmental, historic, and cultural resources.
  • DCR only considers applications that will provide a match of non-state funds for capital projects at the agency’s parks, open spaces, and properties.
  • DCR will consider applications for projects that may require more than one fiscal year to plan and complete.  These applications are more likely to be successful if potential partners contact the Partnerships office to arrange discussion of project details with DCR’s Planning and Engineering staff in advance of final submission.
  • Partnerships Matching Funds Program provides a dollar-for-dollar match for private, non-state funding partners for capital projects.
  • DCR will consider a 2:1 match on contributions of up to and including $25,000.
  • Only monetary contributions will be matched.
  • DCR will manage the implementation of the projects, in close consultation with the partner(s) making the contributions.