A public-private partnership to improve and restore Massachusetts state parks and reservations for everyone 

Mohawk Trail State Forest
Mohawk Trail State Forest - Courtesy Robert Leverett

Thank you for your interest in DCR’s Partnerships Matching Funds Program. The FY18 applications are now closed. We will begin the FY19 process in early calendar year 2018.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) annually accepts matching-funds applications from state park friends and advocacy groups, civic and community organizations, institutions, businesses, municipal governments, and dedicated individuals with an interest in expanding access to recreation in the Commonwealth’s parks.

Through the agency’s Partnership Matching Funds Program, DCR will allocate approximately $1 million or more in matching funds to finance capital projects at parks, beaches, and other reservations—welcoming visitors of all abilities for recreation, interaction, vitality, as well as solitude.  Past projects through this program include: design and construction of new playgrounds, clearing invasive plants from waterways for smooth recreational boating, trail and path enhancements to improve multi-modal accessibility, the addition of a water filling station to serve visitors and a variety of tree plantings and landscape improvements.

Over the last decade, the Partnerships Matching Funds Program has fostered a combined investment by the Commonwealth and public and private partners of more than $10 million in the states parks.
DCR will provide a dollar-for-dollar match to successful applicants, will consider providing a two-to-one dollar match for select projects, and consider projects that may require more than one year to plan and complete.

For more information, contact  nicholas.connors@state.ma.us