Park Serve Day 2014
Save the Date!
Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lend a Hand for this Year’s Annual Park Serve Day

Visit DCR's Park Serve Day website to register!

In 2013, the DCR hosted over 4,321 volunteers in 45 park sites across the Commonwealth for Park Serve Day. By day’s end, those volunteers had planted almost 900 flowers and shrubs and had collected more than over 37 tons of trash. Since it began, tens of thousands of Massachusetts residents have picked a park, given a day, and made a difference. We hope to see you on April 26 for what will surely be a wonderful day.

For more information, call us at 617-626-1250 or email


There are virtually limitless volunteer opportunities at DCR parks across the state. Volunteers do cleanups, trail work, plant flowers, lead programs and more. 

To volunteer for one or more these activities, speak with the staff at the park at which you would like to volunteer, or call 617-626-1250.

Friends Groups
Friends groups are organizations dedicated to supporting specific DCR properties through volunteer work, fundraising, providing programs and events, and advocacy. More than 70 groups are working across the state to enhance our forests and parks system.