DCR’s Volunteers in Parks Program


There are virtually limitless volunteer opportunities at DCR parks across the state. In addition, DCR recognizes that volunteers often seek out these opportunities as individuals, as members of Nonprofit Organizations, or other types of community, corporate, educational, recreational, and civic organizations. However you volunteer, we are grateful for your service and appreciate your time.

To learn more about volunteering or proposing volunteer projects on DCR property, you should take moment to review our Volunteers in Parks Program Guide . This guide provides all the information you should need to understand the process and well as the Agency’s expectations and standards.

Under certain circumstances, organizations may also use DCR’s Volunteers in Parks Program to propose volunteer special event activities on DCR property. To learn more about this, please refer to the Volunteers in Parks Program Guide .

If you have an interest in volunteering, please speak with staff at the park where you are interested in volunteering or fill out and return this brief questionnaire so that we may better understand your interests and abilities: DCR Volunteer Request Information Form  docx format of DCR Volunteer Request Information Form

Friends Groups
Friends groups are organizations dedicated to supporting specific DCR properties through volunteer work, fundraising, providing programs and events, and advocacy. More than 70 groups are working across the state to enhance our forests and parks system.