DCR’s Office of General Counsel (OGC) provides legal services and counsel to the entire agency, including the Stewardship Council, on a diverse range of issues and matters to support the mission of DCR. OGC also works closely with the Office of the Attorney General on litigation matters in which the DCR is either a party or has an interest. 

Given the varied mixture of lands and facilities owned by DCR and the differing purposes for which these many lands and facilities are operated and managed, as well as the diverse conservation, recreation and public works programs and functions at DCR, OGC’s daily work typically includes a wide range of legal issues from almost all specialties in the law, perhaps as wide a range than that typically presented to any legal office in a Massachusetts state agency. 

Practice areas commonly include but are not limited to: real estate and land use, including acquisition of interests in land; regulatory and environmental compliance; construction; procurement; employment and personnel; state finance; and administrative law. OGC works closely with DCR land protection staff on acquisition, disposition and encroachment matters involving real estate; and, is responsible for maintaining and managing substantial land records.

Our staff works regularly with other state and federal agencies, municipalities, businesses, private non-profit organizations and citizens.  Among our many roles, OGC coordinates requests made to DCR under the Public Records Law to inspect or copy department records.  OGC also is the lead DCR office for maintaining the department’s regulations found in the Commonwealth’s Code of Massachusetts Regulations.  In addition, OGC investigates and handles claims, involving DCR, for personal injury or property damage filed under the Tort Claims Act (Chapter 258 of the General Laws) or for personal injury arising from a roadway defect in a DCR parkway (under section 36 of Chapter 92 of the General Laws). 

OGC also handles parking violation appeal hearings.  For further information on parking appeals, filing claims for personal injury or property damage, making a request to inspect or copy public records, or regarding DCR regulations, please view the links on the right-side of this page.

Please direct inquiries to 617-626-1250.

The information provided on this web page is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice or opinions. If you require legal assistance, you should contact a qualified attorney.