DCR contracts, whether for goods and services or for construction, are coordinated through the DCR Office of Contracts and Procurement.

Contract bid requests for goods and services are formally posted on CommBUYS, the official procurement record system for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Executive Departments.  CommBUYS offers free internet-based access to all public procurement information in order to promote transparency, increase competition, and achieve best value for Massachusetts taxpayers.  You can get to CommBUYS by clicking HERE.

While information on construction contracts is also posted there, primary announcement of bid opportunities are made via the Central Register.  The Central Register is the weekly source for information about state, county and municipal contracts being put out to bid for the design, construction and reconstruction of public facilities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Invitations to bid, lists of contractors picking up specifications on a weekly basis, and final awards of contracts are all published. Proposals and advertisements for the lease, sale or transfer of real property are published; as are lists of certified minority and women contractors and contractors who have been debarred from state work.  You can get to the Central Register by clicking HERE.

In accordance with Chapter 30 and Chapter 39M, some smaller bid opportunities (under $50,000) will also be posted on this page.  Please refer to the table below:

Construction Contracts

Project NumberProject TitleBid Announcement DateBid Due DateContactInformation Link

Goods and Services

Project NumberProject TitleBid Announcement DateBid Due DateContactInformation Link

DCR is committed to seeking best value in all our procurements.  We encourage interested vendors to bid on current opportunities and look forward to doing business with you!