Applications will be provided prior to your lifeguard test at each facility.

Application Process

Step 1: Eligibility - We begin the application process by examining your application materials to verify that you meet our age, certification and citizenship requirements.

Note: All applicants must be at least 16 years old to be considered for employment.

Step 2: Sign up for DCR test - For test dates and locations, select a region underneath the 'Test Dates' heading in the navigation menu on the right side of your screen. You may call the number provided to schedule your test time.

Step 3: Qualification - All lifeguard candidates, including returning lifeguards, must successfully complete the Department's written, swimming and practical lifeguarding examinations. For more information, visit the Employment Test Information page.

Step 4: Interviews - Once you have successfully completed the lifeguard test, your application materials will be sent to the appropriate regional office. Department staff may then contact you to arrange an interview, or to discuss placement options. There is a chance that you may not be interviewed for a position at the location which you requested. This may happen if there are no vacant lifeguard positions at that location, or if you are unable to work the full swimming season.

Step 5: Hiring Decisions - Once interviews have been completed, aquatic supervisors will select lifeguards for the summer season. All applicants will be notified of hiring decisions for lifeguard positions. If selected, you will be offered employment under the condition that you successfully complete the Department's in-service training program. Additionally, if selected, you will be required to purchase a red bathing suit which conforms to the Department's uniform requirements.

Step 6: In-Service Training - All new and returning lifeguards must participate in a program of in-service training during their first week of employment. This training will cover all Department policies and procedures for lifeguard services, as well as physical tests, conditioning, and skills training. As a DCR Lifeguard you will also be required to participate in daily, weekly and monthly in-service training programs to maintain a high level of proficiency in rescue procedures. If you do not successfully complete all in-service training requirements, you may be dismissed from service.