The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Stewardship Council is a thirteen member citizen advisory council appointed by the Governor to work with the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, the Commissioner of Conservation and Recreation, and agency staff. The Council held their first meeting on Tuesday, September 28, 2004 in Wellesley. The Stewardship Council works with the agency to provide a safe, accessible, well-maintained, and well-managed system of open spaces and recreational facilities. These facilities are comprised of urban, suburban and rural open space; forests; parks; reservations; recreational facilities; waterways; parkways; water bodies; and coastlines that are managed and maintained on behalf of the public for the purposes of natural, historic, and cultural resource protection, sustainable recreation, and education.

Stewardship Council Oversight Strategy pdf format of Stewardship Council Oversight Stategy

The 2013-2014 Massachusetts Stewardship Council Oversight Strategy is intended to not only provide an overview of the Council’s major activities in the past and a forecast of its priorities in the future, but to also establish a protocol that can be used in the development of future Council Oversight Strategies.

Stewardship Council Members

Whitney Hatch, Chairman
Essex County
Chad McGuire
Bristol County
James P. Van Dyke
Berkshire County
Elisa K. Campbell
Hampshire County
Heather Clish
Middlesex County
Wayne Klockner
Middlesex County
Walter Bickford
Worcester County
Jack Buckley
Plymouth County
Antonia Pollak
Suffolk County
Christine Poff
Suffolk County