Seated ski equipment allows people with disabilities to ski with their friends. This equipment works best if you have previously sitskied or have good upper body athletic ability.  

Leo J. Martin Memorial Golf Course, Weston Ski Track - 1 sitski available.  

Accessible cross country skiing also takes place during the winter season at outdoor Universal Access Programs weather and conditions permitting. Programs allow for instruction, a diverse selection of equipment, and support as needed.

See the program calendar for further information.

Assistive listening equipment is available upon request at many parks. Recorded brochures, walks, and tours are also available at some parks.  

For further information, to request information in alternative formats, or to request American Sign Language interpretation for any DCR program, please contact the Universal Access Program office at: 

P.O. Box 484
Amherst, MA 01004
Or call 413-545-5353 voice; 413-577-2200 TTY.