Each participant must:

General Criteria for al programs

  • Come to the program prepared for the weather and conditions of the day, including dressing for the elements and being able to provide own sun/rain protection and hydration/snacks

  • Be able to manage personal care such as dressing, toileting, eating and drinking independently or with the assistance of a companion (friend, PCA, family member) who accompanies individual and serves as caretaker
  • Be able to transfer on/off/in/out of equipment independently or with assistance (if over 200# must provide own transfer assistance)
  • Be able to follow verbal and/or visual directions independently or with  the assistance of a companion, caretaker or interpreter
  • Be able to alert program staff to your needs/discomforts independently or with the  assistance of a companion, caretaker or interpreter
  • Be able and willing to wear protective equipment properly, such as helmets and personal flotation devices

  • Use equipment appropriate for personal weight without going beyond the weight capacity of program equipment
  • Be able to refrain from behaviors that pose a risk (such as aggression, inability to set boundaries, lack of safety awareness, drug/alcohol use or influence) to self or others, independently or with caretaker assistance

If attending as a parent/staff/guardian:

  • Be able to stay on site
  • Be able to provide a cell phone number for contact if leaving recreation area while remaining on site
  • Be able to participate in the activity to the extent of personal ability and skill

If providing physical support:

  • Be able to come prepared to support  1:1 with child/client/charge as needed
  • Be able and willing to lift, pull, push, and perform work needed for the weight and distance/terrain involved

Ice Skating Indoors

  • Be able to tolerate cooler temperatures of 20-40 degrees F for 30 minutes
  • Be willing to use a properly fitted helmet

Winter Outdoors

  • Come dressed appropriately for winter conditions and weather
  • Be able to tolerate temperatures as cold as “feels like” 10 degrees F for 30 minutes

Guided Group Excursions Outdoors

Gentle outing

  • Be able to tolerate moderate physical exertion for up to one hour
  • Be able to traverse moderate terrain for up to one mile on designated trails (often accessible)- independently or with the use of approved adaptive equipment – at a slow to moderate pace
  • Be able and willing to stay with the group and travel at a designated pace (based on slower hikers)

Rugged outing – same as above plus

  • Be able to traverse rugged terrain typical of standard hiking trails - with rocks, roots, grades, cross slopes, un-ramped bridges, etc. – independently or with the use of approved adaptive equipment - for up to 3 miles at a slow to moderate pace.

Independent Outdoor Excursions (Use of program equipment)

  • Be able to demonstrate knowledge of trail system and basic map skills
  • Be able to communicate with program staff (cell phone / 2-way radio)
  • Be able and willing to inform program staff of your planned route and estimated return time.
  • Be willing to stay within the limits of park boundaries
  • Be able and willing to respect the mechanical integrity of equipment
  • Be able to return equipment on time

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