If you are age 16 or under and have visited all of the Passport Parks in one of the five regions of Massachusetts, you earn a cool new t-shirt to show off your accomplishment!

The t-shirts have all of the stamps of the region you just completed. Below is an example of the t-shirt from the western region. See if you can collect all 5 t-shirts. Grab your passport and start your adventure today. When you have completed a region, and all of the stamps from that region are in your passport, visit the regional headquarters of that region and claim your reward! Regional headquarters will have t-shirts for their region only.

To find your regional headquarters, click on the link above. Please call first to make sure they are open. When you claim your shirt you will be asked to fill out a short claim form and someone from DCR will check to make sure you have acquired all of your stamps.

Special Note** If you are getting the stamps for the central region, make sure you get the Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoir stamps as they are part of the central region.

Wear your shirt proudly, you've earned it.

The sizes that are available are youth medium, youth large and youth X-large.

T-shirts will available on August 15th