1. What is the Park Passport Program?
The Park Passport program is part of the No Child Left Inside initiative that can be used as a tool to help kids and their families visit Massachusetts State Parks and facilities. The program has several components:

  • The Passport - A book used to collect Park stamps
  • The Stamp - An original piece of artwork designed to represent a particular Park that has been made into a stamp.  The stamps are available at Passport Parks for you to document your visit with.
  • The Stamp Box - A box at a Passport Park that houses the stamp.

2. How do I get a Passport?
You can download a complete passport, regional passport or a one page passport here .  See directions to help you put your passport together and start your journey!  Pick up a Passport at a Passport Park .

3. How much does it cost?
The Passport is FREE, however certain Parks charge a daily Parking fee (between $2.00 and $7.00 dollars). You can also borrow a Park pass from many libraries in the state. Call your local library to find out if it has a lending program.

4. After I get my Passport what should I do?
Visit as many Passport Parks as you can, stamp your Passport and enjoy the park, beach, campground or facility you are visiting.

5. How many Passport Parks are there?
There are a total of 76 Passport Parks:

  • 15 - in the Greater Boston Area
  • 12 - in the Northeast Region
  • 12 - in the Southeast Region
  • 25 - in the Central Region
  • 12 - in the Western Region

6. Where can I get my Passport stamped?

All Parks will have a box that houses the Passport stamp. The box should be located in an obvious place in the Park. The box is locked to keep the stamp safe. The combination to the lock is in the Passport on the Park List page. Please make sure to recover the stamp and re-lock the box when you are done stamping your Passport. To re-lock the lock, make sure the right combination is showing. Place the hasp back in the hole and spin the numbers. Park staff will also have a stamp. If there is a visitor center at the Park, be sure to visit and ask to have your Passport stamped.

7. What is the best way to stamp my Passport?
After some field testing we have discovered that stamping your Passport on the roof of the stamp box is a good idea. To get the best stamp image, line the stamp up slightly above the top or middle line of the page and with outside edge line. This should put a clear image in a good spot. Also, don't forget to stamp the image on the pad in the box to get the ink flowing in the stamp. Have fun!

8. How do I get a T-shirt?
Visit all of the Passport Parks in one of the five regions of Massachusetts, and you earn a cool new t-shirt to show off your accomplishment!
The t-shirts have all of the stamps of the region you just completed. See if you can collect all 5 t-shirts. Grab your Passport and start your adventure today. When you have completed a region, visit the regional headquarters in your area and claim your reward!

9. What do the different colors on the box mean?
The Passport splits Massachusetts into 5 geographical regions; Boston, Southeast, Northeast, Central and West. The box is painted 5 different colors, with each color representing a region:

  • Boston - Red
  • Southeast- Blue
  • Northeast - Orange
  • Central - Yellow
  • West - Green

You can tell what region you are in by the color of the door of the box. For example, if you are in the central region, the door of the box would be yellow, if you were in the southeast, the door would be blue.

10. What if the box is broken or the stamp is missing?
For reporting problems, please contact us at DCR.Passport@State.MA.US , or the address and numbers listed on the Contacts page . We will attempt to fix the problem as soon as possible.

11. Activity Stickers
Explore DCR's parks, programs and activities, then record your activities with special stickers! - You can print these on a regular piece of paper and then cut and glue them onto the new passport map poster (available at DCR parks) or use Avery label 8255. Have Fun!

Click here to download super fun activity stickers! pdf format of Download Activity Stickers