CAMPING:  Coastal CampgroundMA ResidentOut of State ResidentPlus WaterPlus ElectricPlus Trust Surcharge*
Horseneck Beach State Reservation$22$35   
Nickerson State Park$22$35   
Salisbury Beach State Reservation$22$35$4$6$2
Scusset Beach State Reservation$22$35$4$6$2
CAMPING:  Inland CampgroundMA ResidentOut of State Resident Plus Electric 
Camp Nihan Environmental Education Camp$17$27   
Clarksburg State Park$17$27   
DAR State Forest$17$27   
Erving State Forest$17$27   
Granville State Forest$17$27   
Harold Parker State Forest$17$27   
Lake Dennison Recreation Area$17$27   
Mohawk Trail State Forest$17$27   
Myles Standish State Forest$17$27   
October Mountain State Forest$17$27   
Otter River State Forest$17$27   
Pearl Hill$17$27   
Pittsfield State Forest$17$27   
Savoy Mountain State Forest$17$27   
Shawme-Crowell State Forest$17$27   
Tolland State Forest$17$27   
Wells State Park$17$27   
Wompatuck State Park$17$27 $6 
CAMPING:  Limited ServiceMA ResidentOut of State Resident   
Beartown State Forest$14$20   
Pittsfield State Forest$14$20   
Willard Brook State Forest$14$20   
CAMPING:  Primitive ServiceMA Resident Out of State Resident   
Boston Harbor Island State Park$8$10   
Federated Women's Club State Forest$8$10   
Mount Greylock State Reservation$8$10   
Mount Washington State Forest$8$10   
Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Reserve$8$10   
CAMPING:  Group Camping - up to 25 people per site; plus $1 per night per person over 25MA Resident Out of State Resident   
Boston Harbor Island State Park$35$50   
Camp Nihan Environmental Education Camp$35$50   
DAR State Forest$35$50   
Federated Women's Club State Forest$35$50   
Harold Parker State Forest$35$50   
Lake Dennison Recreation Area$35$50   
Mohawk Trail State Forest$35$50   
Mount Greylock State Forest$35$50   
Mount Washington State Forest$35$50   
Myles Standish State Forest$35$50   
Nickerson State Park$35$50   
Otter River State Forest$35$50   
Pearl Hill State Forest$35$50   
Pittsfield State Forest$35$50   
Salisbury Beach State Reservation$35$50   
Savoy Mountain State Forest$35$50   
Shawme-Crowell State Forest$35$50   
Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Reserve$35$50   
Wells State Park$35$50   
CAMPING:  CabinsMA ResidentOut of State Resident   
Mohawk Trail State Forest, (small)$50$65   
Mohawk Trail State Forest, (medium)$60$75   
Savoy Mountain State Forest, (small)$50$65   
Savoy Mountain State Forest, (medium)$60$75   
CAMPING: Cabins, (Group)     
Camp Nihan Environmental Camp$90$115   
CAMPING:  YurtsMA ResidentOut of State Resident   
Boston Harbor Islands State Park, (large)$55$70   
Myles Standish State Forest, (small)$45$60   
Myles Standish State Forest, (large)$55$70   
Nickerson State Park, (small)$45$60   
Nickerson State Park, (large)$55$70   
October Mountain, (small)$45$60   
October Mountain, (large)$55$70   
Otter River State Forest, (small)$45$60   
Otter River State Forest, (large)$55$70   
Shawme-Crowell State Forest, (small)$45$60   
Shawme-Crowell State Forest, (large)$55$70   
Wells State Park, (small)$45$60   
Well State Park, (large)$55$70   
Willard Brook State Forest (group yurt)$90$115   
CAMPING:  Safari Field Group CampingMA ResidentOut of State Resident   
Scusset Beach State Reservation (per unit)$20$20   

Cancellations or changes to your arrival or departure date, and/or site must be made at least 1 day prior to your arrival date and will incur a $10 change or cancellation fee.  Cancellations made on the day of arrival must be made by contacting the campground and will result in the loss of the first night's camping fee plus the $10 cancellation fee.  Fees will be deducted from any refunds due or will be added to future reservations.  Check or money order transactions will not be refunded in amount of $5 or less.  If departing early, please check out at the contact station.
If you are unable to arrive on your scheduled arrival date, you must call the campground.  Failure to contact the park by 8:00 am the following morning may result in your campsite being reassigned to another camper and forfeiture of all fees paid.
*A $2.00 Preservation Trust surcharge applies to each camping night