Community Rowing (Brighton)
Harry Parker Boathouse
20 Nonantum Rd.
Brighton, MA 02135
phone: 617-779-8267

Season April to October for ages 12 and up. Beginner to competitive programs for youth, adult and adaptive rowers. Both sculling and sweeps offered. FREE Intro Rows - Try rowing at one of Community Rowing's FREE Introductory Rows! No experience needed, coaches and members will take you out on a training barge that accommodates up to 16 rowers, so bring your friends!

MIT Memorial Drive, Lower Basin next to Mass. Ave. Bridge Season June to August. Sculling only, for beginners and experienced rowers.

Northeastern University Herter Park off Soldiers Field Road (617) 782-1933 Season June to August for ages 15 and up. Sweeps program for beginners, intermediate and advanced rowers.

Boston University Memorial Drive just downstream of the BU Bridge (617) 353-2748 Season June to August , for ages 11 and up. Sweeps program for youth and adults, beginners to advanced.

Rowing Races

Rowing Sprint races are held during spring and summer. Boats race each other, 5 boats across or however many lanes the river can accommodate. They usually range from 1000-2000 meters (shorter races are often called dashes) and heats are common.

Head races are distance races and are held in the fall. Boats race the clock leaving the starting line 10-15 seconds apart but faster boats often overtake slower ones making for some exciting battles. At one time, winners were crowned "King" or "Head" of the race, hence the name.

Regatta Watching Tips
Coxswain (Pronounced cox'n) The person who steers the boat and calls the race, they are the eyes and the ears of the rowers. In boats without coxswain, the person in bow steers. Boat Configurations Rowers race sweeps (1 oar each rower) in eights, fours and pairs, sometimes with a coxswain, sometimes without, and sculls (two oars each rower) in singles, doubles, quads and the very occasional octuple. Scullers rarely have a coxswain. Boat Classifications Races are classifies by weight, age, sex, and ability. Open races are non-restricted.

Regatta in Lilies
Community Rowing Daly Rink, Nonantum Road, Brighton 617-964-2455 August Date 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 750 meters from upstream of Newton Yacht Club to boat ramp at Daly Field. The world's largest costume regatta. Sculling and sweep events for youth, adults and adaptive rowers, all in costume.

Head of the Class Youth Regatta
Community Rowing Daly Rink, Nonantum Road, Brighton 617-964-2455 October Date, 3:00-6:00 p.m. Abbreviated course, 1.5 miles from the Northeastern Boathouse to Newton Yacht Club

Head of the Charles Regatta
Cambridge Boat Club, held on the next to the last Sunday in October, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Three miles from the BU Boathouse to Herter Park. The largest single-day rowing event in the world. For best viewing, take the Red Line to Harvard Square.