Logo of Blue Hills Trail Watch

Blue Hills Trailwatch is an all-volunteer organization of concerned recreational trail users whose goal is to promote safe and cooperative trail use by acting as an educational liaison between reservation managers and the public.

Volunteers spend time year-round hiking, skiing and riding mountain bicycles throughout the reservation's 7000 acres, acting as "eyes and ears" for the Blue Hills management.

Information, including trail policies and restrictions, proper respect for other trail users and the environment are some of the ideas passed on to the public by TrailWatch volunteers (along with always needed directions!).

TrailWatch volunteers include members of the Friend's of the Blue Hills, New England Mountain Bike Association, The Appalachian Mountain Club, Trustees of Reservations and various land management advisory committees.

Blue Hills Reservation is a wonderful public property. We all must take responsibility and do our part to make sure that this resource is managed and used wisely.

For more information on how to become a TrailWatch Volunteer contact the DCR Park Rangers at the Blue Hills Reservation Headquarters at (617) 698-1802.