Schools and Groups are requested to contact the park in advance to arrange access and program logistics.

Interpreters at many State Parks create enriching educational programs, signage, printed materials, exhibits, as well as provide formal and informal educational opportunities for students and teachers and special events for residents and visitors.

The brochures listed below are all in pdf format and require the use of free Adobe Reader.

  • Self-Guided Hikes with Children pdf format of Self-Guided Hikes with Children
: The trails are not suitable for an umbrella-type baby stroller, they have loose stones and sand.
  • Birding by Ear pdf format of Birding by Ear
: We hear birds much more often than we can see them. Expert and novice birders alike often use memory-jogging phrases to remind them what birds’ songs sound like. This brochure lists a few of the commonly-used ones.
  • Dragonflies and Damselflies pdf format of Dragonflies and Damselflies
: Borderland is home to many kinds of dragonflies and damselflies in summer: this is a guide to the ones you may find here.
  • Turtle Watch pdf format of Turtle Watch
file size 1MB : there are several species of turtle to be found at Borderland. This guide helps you identify them.
  • Wildflowers are many and varied at Borderland State Park, thanks to the great variety of habitat. These are guides to: June Wildflowers pdf format of June Wildflowers
; July Wildflowers pdf format of July Wildflowers
file size 1MB ; August Wildflowers pdf format of August Wildflowers