Schools and Groups are requested to contact the park in advance to arrange access and program logistics.

School Bus parking can be found outside of the main entrance gate of the park on Mountain Road. Due to space availability at the Halfway House parking area, we are requesting that school buses only use the lot for dropping off and picking up students.

Educational Field Trip Opportunities

For nineteenth-century educators like Edward Hitchcock, president of Amherst College, and his protégé, Mary Lyon, founder of Mount Holyoke Female Seminary (now Mount Holyoke College), the peak provided an outdoor laboratory for the study of geologic and historic change. This educational tradition continues with regular visits from colleges, schools, and civic organizations. Mount Holyoke and the Range’s other peaks and slopes are filled with rocks, flora and fauna that bring to life not only the natural world but also the human story and history of land use in this part of New England.

Interpretive programs for students, youth groups and civic organizations include:

  • Geology of the Connecticut River Valley and surrounding hilltowns
  • The Summit House as an example of 19th century entrepreneurship, changing technology and social customs
  • Natural history and ecology

Please call the park at 413-586-0350 for more information

The brochures listed below are all in pdf format and require the use of free Adobe Reader.

Hawks at Mount Holyoke Range pdf format of Hawks at the Mt Holyoke Range
: The Summit House atop Mt. Holyoke is one of the finest spots to watch the migration of hawks in the fall.

Self-Guided Geology Walking Tour pdf format of Self-guided Geology Walking Tour Skinner State Park
: This guide is a must for teachers and students who are interested in viewing some of the many exciting geological formations at Skinner State Park.