The Park Interpreter offers dynamic, hands-on, minds-on experiences where each student is an active participant. The goal is to make meaningful connections between the visitor and the resource. Interpretive programs at Mount Greylock are offered year-round, on-site and off-site. Themes focus on the northern hardwood and boreal forest, landforms and geology, cultural history, the Civilian Conservation Corps legacy, recreation and healthy lifestyles, or a stewardship conservation project.

Educational Field Trips: There are three types of program tours for schools and groups offered at Mount Greylock.

  • Self-guided tour. Allows the group to come and explore on their own. Reservations are required. Trail maps and suggested routes are available, or may be downloaded from the Informational Brochure list below.
  • Semi-guided tour (15-30 minutes duration). Allows the group to meet with a Park Interpreter for a brief introduction to Mount Greylock. The group can then spend the rest of their visit exploring on their own.
  • Fully-guided tour (3-4 hours duration). Allows the group to meet with a Park Interpreter at the Visitor Center for the orientation to the program and continue with the group for the duration of the visit.

Teachers/Leaders are required to contact the park to make reservations at least two weeks in advance. For reservations call the Visitor Center 413-499-4262. Programs are offered free of charge.

Please be aware that demand for school programs at Mount Greylock is more frequent in early-mid June and early-mid October. Due to environmental and/or logistical factors access to parts of the park may be limited or unavailable. School Busses are permitted on the interior park roads, coach busses are not. Unreserved tours parking at the summit are required to pay a $30/bus parking fee.

Bascom Lodge on the summit is managed separately. Schools/groups planning to use the Lodge for meals or overnight accommodations should call for arrangements: 413-743-1591, or email

Informational brochures listed below are all in pdf format and require the use of free Adobe Reader. Click on the title to access.

Trail Map for Mount Greylock.

Suggested Hikes pdf format of Suggested Day Hikes Mount Greylock State Reservation
file size 1MB : Numbers 2, 9 (one way), 10 and 12 are appropriate for most school/group hikes. Otherwise, please consult with the Park Interpreter for an appropriate hike route for your group.

Bradley Farm Self-Guided Trail pdf format of Bradley Farm Trail Mount Greylock State Reservation
: Explore the 19th century farming history of the mountain along this easy 1.8 mile-long interpretive trail.

Birds of Mount Greylock pdf format of Birds of Mount Greylock
: A variety of forest types across the mountain provide unique habitats for birds, some found nowhere else in Massachusetts. This sighting list provides some guidance to locate some species. Use with illustrated or sound-based identification guide.

Wildflowers of Greylock pdf format of Wildflowers of Greylock
: The diversity and varied periods of flowering is due to extreme variations in altitude, climate and soils found here.