Picnicking: is available at York Lake day-use area. Please carry-in, carry-out all your trash and belongings.

Pets are permitted, except on the beach and lawn area. Must be on a 10-foot maximum leash, attended at all times. Must have proof of current Rabies vaccine. Please be courteous and clean up after your pet.

Be Bear Aware: Don't forget you are in Black Bear country. Never physically confront, feed, torment or throw anything at bears. Take appropriate precautions with food so as not to attract bears.

Non-motorized Boating: Ideal for kayaks, canoes and small sail boats, available at York Lake (ramp available), West Lake (no ramp) and Thousand Acre Swamp, Cookson State Forest (ramp available) day-use area. Stop aquatic hitchhikers; please ensure that your boat and equipment are clean before launching.

Prohibited: Motorized off-road vehicles and alcoholic beverages.