The staff at the Mount Holyoke Range State Park has implemented a new system for locating lost or injured trail users. We call the system Location Identification or LID for short. LID consists of 5-1/2 x 7-1/2” white signs with the park telephone number and a 3-digit number on them. Most trail intersections in the park now have one of these signs, usually placed 8 to 10 feet from the ground. Each intersection has its own location number, which will correspond to a number on the trail map. The map also will have an arrow at each intersection showing the direction you are facing when looking at the sign. Now you can tell which trail to take to get to your desired destination. The park number on the signs can be used if you are lost and need directions, but you need to know what the nearest LID number is. All local police departments now have the maps; please call 911 if there is a real emergency.

Picture Key to the Common Spring Wild Flowers of the Mount Holyoke Range: includes many of the common herbaceous plants found blooming in the range between 15 April and 1 June. Many of the early spring flowers can be seen on a walk up Mount Holyoke or along the Metacomet- Monadnock trail up Bare Mountain or Mt. Norwottock.

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Hawks at Mount Holyoke Range pdf format of Hawks at the Mt Holyoke Range
: The Summit House atop Mt.
Holyoke is one of the finest spots to watch the migration of hawks in the fall.

Self-Guided Geology Walking Tour pdf format of Self-guided Geology Walking Tour Skinner State Park
: There are many exciting geological formations at Skinner State Park. This brochure guides you to some of the major ones.