Forest Health

  • Provides tree health care services for the Department’s state forests, parks, and reservations.
  • Monitors and assesses factors that influence the health of Massachusetts’ forests utilizing aerial survey, permanent sampling plots, and pheromone traps.
  • Maintains historical defoliation data and implements Integrated Pest Management (IPM) on state and municipal lands as required by state law.

Emerald Ash Borer Workshop Presentations held in 2012


DCR Permits

DCR issues short-term and long-term permits for a variety of activities at DCR parks, beaches, forests, and reservations. Permits are issued for purposes ranging from one-day walk-athons, to seasonal construction access, to five-year commercial agreements. 

Some permits are awarded through a competitive bidding process, and others are available upon request. 

Each type of permit is administered by a different division of DCR, and the fees, seasonal schedule, and turnaround times vary. See DCR Permits for more information about permit types, fees, and schedules.

Forest Stewardship Program

If you are a woodland owner and would like to know more about your woodland and how to manage it, the Department of Conservation and Recreation's Forest Stewardship Program can help you. This educational non-regulatory program is designed to help landowners protect the inherent ecosystem values of their forest. Recognizing the public benefits of good stewardship on private forest land, the Massachusetts Forest Stewardship Program (MFSP) supports and encourages private forest landowners' efforts to manage, enjoy, and care for their land using a long-term approach. More