Latest Update – Nov. 2013

 DCR plans to accept proposals for commercial opportunities at the parks, campgrounds, and beaches listed below.

Call 617-626-1481 or email  to be notified when proposals can be submitted.

DCR will soon post the following requests for proposals (RFP's) 

  • Boat Ramp operations – Charles River Reservation, Boston
  • Campground store concessions – various locations
  • Agricultural operation permits - various locations
  • Plymouth Harbor boat tours, Pilgrim Memorial State Park - Plymouth
  • Community boating operations and programming - various locations
  • Non-motorized boating concessions – various locations

To bid on a concession RFP, first download the RFP document at the Commonwealth’s procurement website:

STEP-BY-STEP instructions are linked below.  You do NOT need a BuySmart or SmartBid ID to access these DCR RFPs on Comm-Pass.
To pick up a paper copy of an RFP, email, call or stop by DCR in Boston.

To propose a new concession idea or location, follow the guidelines below: discuss your idea with local DCR staff, then submit a written proposal letter to DCR Commissioner Jack Murray.

The DCR issues permits for seasonal concessions, vending opportunities and recreational services throughout the Commonwealth.  These commercial opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Boat rental operations
  • Camp store operations
  • Food and beverage sales
  • Golf course operations
  • Ice cream sales
  • Ice rink operations
  • Parking lot operations
  • Ski facility operations
  • Swimming pool operations

To obtain a permit, proponents are required to bid on opportunities in accordance with the following protocol:

  1. The DCR advertises Request for Proposals (RFPs) by posting the RFPs on and inviting qualified operators to submit proposals.
    View instructions on searching for and viewing RFPs on COMM-PASS pdf format of    How to View Concession RFPs
  2. Proposals meeting the minimum entrance requirements stated in the RFP are evaluated and only one operator is awarded a permit with a term of one to five years for each site location.
  3. Upon expiration of the permit, the DCR re-bids the opportunity through a new RFP.

Please note: Hawker and Peddler Licenses are not valid on DCR property.  Hawking and Peddling is not permitted.

New Business Opportunities

The DCR accepts unofficial written proposals for new locations and services.

  • Proposals for summer operations are only reviewed during the fall of each season.
  • If you would like to propose a new location and/or service, kindly follow these steps:
    1. Discuss the proposal with the Park/Facility Supervisor during the fall.
    2. If the location and service is in the best interest of the DCR and the public and it does not present safety concerns, the Supervisor may accept unofficial written proposals from the proponent.
    3. The Supervisor then may share the unofficial written proposal with senior staff members.
    4. If approved, the new location and new service may be advertised in a new RFP in accordance with the RFP protocol set forth above.

For More Information, email or call DCR at 617-626-1481