DCR occasionally offers special use permits for use of property in the care custody and control of DCR for concessionaires, commercial operators, to provide activities, food, and very limited related merchandise to the public.  Other commercial activities that would require a permit could include: agricultural uses, high-ground telecommunications installations; public pay tours, and lessons.
The DCR Office of Long Term Leases and Permits handles the offers and requests for such uses via a permit (a revocable license) for 1-10 years.  Concessionaires must often be properly licensed, capable of running a properly budgeted business, and meet certain criteria.  The possession of a hawker’s, peddler’s or busker’s license although helpful does not apply to DCR Property.

Concession permits offered by DCR – Request for Proposals

Opportunities to obtain a concession permit are generally offered by DCR through an RFP process and listed on the COMMBUYS site.

  • Download the RFP at the Commonwealth’s procurement website: www.commbuys.com
    OR To obtain a paper copy (a fee may be charged per page) send an e-mail with a specific request, call or stop by the Long Term Permits and Leases Office in Boston.  Also see our guide: Searching For Open DCR RFPs pdf format of Searching for Open DCR RFPs
  • Respond to the RFP.  Review the RFP document carefully and respond by the time and at that place required.  Mandated items must be submitted for review; and there may be competition for certain locations.
  • To join an e-mail list for notice of DCR concession opportunities send an e-mail giving us full contact information and requesting inclusion on our mailing list to: DCR.PERMITS@STATE.MA.US.  The mailing list is not use specific, so you may get notice of permit opportunities in which you may not be interested.

Frequently Offered Opportunities via RFPs

  • MOBILE FOOD CONCESSIONS – Multiple locations (carts, food trucks)
  • FIXED FOOD CONCESSIONS – Multiple locations

Concession Permit Ideas and Proposals

  • If you have a proposed idea for a concession or use at a DCR property, first contact the DCR Park Supervisor to discuss feasibility.
  • Then prepare a written letter with your proposal to the Office of the Commissioner of DCR including all relevant details including location, diagrams, maps, proposed  market/demographic information, how the proposed concession fits the Mission of DCR, fees to be charged to the public if any,  proposed business model, etc.  

Proposals will be reviewed by relevant DCR sub-departments (Engineering, Planning and Resource Protection, Park Operations, Legal, Forestry, Fire Control, Park Rangers, etc.)  and may involve other state agencies, such as Mass Department of Environmental Protection, Mass Historical Commission, State Building authorities, Mass Fish & Wildlife, etc.   This review and consideration of the proposal can take several months as staff members consider safety, operations, other users, nearby neighbors and businesses, the nature of the location, and other concerns.  If a proposal is accepted, DCR may offer the proposed location and an opportunity to obtain a permit under an RFP posted on the COMMBUYS site.

Short Term Commercial Permits

Short Term Commercial Permits are available for certain locations on a “first come; first serve” basis.  Not all activities are suitable for a short term commercial permit.  These permits are temporary and require a fee, a signed permit, insurance, and may require other approvals or permits.  Short Term Commercial Permit fees are:

Daily             $35.00
Weekly         $200.00
Monthly        $850.00
6-Month       $5,000.00
Not including the application fee ($35.00) or any mitigation fee

Short Term Commercial Permit  pdf format of Short Term Commercial Permit

You must apply for a Short Term Commercial Permit no less than 3 months before planned start.

For more information, send a specific question with full contact information by E-Mail to: DCR.Permits@state.ma.us