This conference was supported by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and the Massachusetts Recreational Trails Advisory Board (MARTAB), and the Recreational Trails Grants Program.




Art: Connecting Users and Communities with Trails 

  Art-Tracy-FinalX pdf format of Art-Tracy-FinalX file size 3MB

Building and Promoting Blue Trails  

Blue Trails N Nashua 1 pdf format of Blue Trails N Nashua 1

Blue Trails N Nashua 2 ALTA pdf format of Blue Trails N Nashua 2 ALTA file size 1MB

Blue Trails – Millers pdf format of Blue Trails – Millers file size 2MB

Issues Getting Community Rail Trails Built

Getting RTs Built – Jahnige pdf format of Getting RTs Built – Jahnige

Getting RTs Built – Geller pdf format of Getting RTs Built – Geller file size 1MB

Funding Trail Projects

Funding – Cryan pdf format of Funding – Cryan

Funding – Gach pdf format of Funding – Gach file size 3MB

Trails and the Wetland Protection Act

DEP – Stinson pdf format of DEP – Stinson file size 5MB

Creating and Preserving Trail Corridors

Preserving Trail Corridors pdf format of Preserving Trail Corridors file size 1MB

Update on Bay Circuit Trail

Bay Circuit – Sykes pdf format of Bay Circuit – Sykes file size 1MB

Trails, Tourism & Local Economies: The Charlemont Experiment

Trails and Tournism pdf format of Trails and Tournism file size 1MB

Update on Mass Central Rail Trail

MCRT – Jahnige pdf format of MCRT – Jahnige file size 3MB

MRCT WG pdf format of MRCT WG file size 2MB

Recreational Trails Program Grants

RTP – Lewis pdf format of RTP – Lewis file size 1MB

On-line Mapping, QR Codes & more

Trail Maps – Curtis pdf format of Trail Maps – Curtis file size 1MB

Trail Mapping – Goodwin pdf format of Trail Mapping – Goodwin file size 1MB

Groton Trails - P Funch pdf format of Groton Trails - P Funch

Groton's (Fledgling) Interactive Trails pdf format of Groton's (Fledgling) Interactive Trails


For more information, contact: 

Amanda Lewis, DCR Recreational Trails Program

413-586-8706 ext 19, or

Dick O’Brien, MARTAB Chairman