Hoosac Range - Photo BNRC

Greenways are corridors of land and water that connect and protect natural, cultural, and recreational resources. Greenways are a part of our natural "green infrastructure." They include many types of trails and walkways, river corridors, bicycle paths, wildlife corridors, and conservation lands linked by trails

DCR's Greenways and Trails Program works in partnership with greenways and trails advocates and uses in Massachusetts to promote and support the creation of greenways and trails at the local, regional, and state levels. To advance this goal, the Program provides small grants, information, and technical assistance to communities, user groups and non-profit organizations for planning and developing greenways and trails throughout Massachusetts. DCR also works to protect greenways of statewide significance through statewide planning and technical assistance, as well as direct land protection efforts.

DCR, in partnership with hundreds of greenway and trail advocates, developed a statewide greenway plan entitled Commonwealth Connections: A Greenway Vision for Massachusetts. This plan calls for a coordinated greenway and trail network that will help conserve important resources, provide recreation and alternative transportation opportunities close to where people live, and connect communities throughout Massachusetts.

DCR, through our MassParks division, owns and manages over 3,500 miles of natural and improved surface trails and greenways in over 450,000 acres of state parks, forests and reservations. The Greenways and Trails Program works with other DCR staff and stakeholders to engage in Trails System Planning  in parks, forests and reservations across the state.