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The Massachusetts Recreational Trail Advisory Board (MARTAB) was established by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) in 1993.

MARTAB is a volunteer board, appointed by the DCR Commissioner through the Director of DCR’s Recreational Trails Program.  As an independent entity, it provides advice to DCR staff on issues and projects of importance to the trail community.  It represents every major trail user group from motorized users to non-motorized users and seeks to promote a cooperative, practical approach to solving trail issues.  It’s most important function is to make recommendations to the Commissioner on the distribution of the federal Recreational Trails Program (RTP) funds that come to each state from the US Department of Transportation.  Massachusetts disburses $600,000 to $800,000 each year.  MARTAB’s recommendations are the first cut on how these funds could be spent and it involves the Board reviewing each proposal, discussing them and rating them according to an agreed list of criteria and weights.  At the end of the review process, a ranked list of the applications submitted from communities and organizations throughout the state is created and forwarded to the Commissioner and Governor for their approval.   

MARTAB is involved in other activities, including sponsorship of statewide trail workshops to improve the skills and experience of the many trail volunteers working to enhance our trail network within the Commonwealth.  They also organize and put on the annual Massachusetts Trails Conference.   These educational and community-building opportunities are funded through the Recreational Trails Program -Educational Grants. 

MARTAB also works to unite the many trail user groups within the state to be more effective in their efforts and to speak with a stronger, more unified voice on issues ranging from increased funding from the State and Federal Government for trail projects to user education and training.

MARTAB Members

Member Name          User Group / Member Organization                        

Sean Ashcraft           Climbing / Professional Climbing Instructors of America

Michele Biscoe          Trail Users with Dogs / Coalition of Massachusetts Dog Owner Groups (MassDOG)

Polly Bixby               Private Land Owners with Permitted Public Trails / Owner of Chapter 61B Property

Bill Boles                  Mountain Biking / New England Mountain Bike Association

Pam Browning           Canoe & Paddling / New England Canoe Kayak Racing Association, US Canoe Association

Heather Clish             Hiking  / Appalachian Mountain Club

Becky Kalagher         Equestrian / Bay State Trail Riders

Dick O'Brien (Chair)    Community Trails & Greenways / Leominster Trail Stewards

Benton Phelps           All-Terrain Vehicles / New England ATV Association

Bill Riordan               Off-Road Motorcycles / New England Trail Riders Association

March Shea               Full Size 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles / Northeast Association of 4WD Clubs

Larry Tucker               Snowmobiles / Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts


DCR Liaisons                                      

Amanda Lewis           DCR, Recreational Trails Program Coordinator

Paul Jahnige             DCR, Director of Greenways and Trails

MARTAB Meetings and Minutes

*For an up-to-date Meeting Agenda, please contact Amanda Lewis

Upcoming Scheduled Meetings 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014       Leominster, MA