Myles Standish State Reservation
Myles Standish State Reservation


Trails in and around DCR’s parks, forests and reservations are not individual pathways, but components of larger, integrated land management and recreational networks.  These forest road and trail systems are integral to the activities, services and resources that DCR manages on its 450,000 acres of land across the Commonwealth.

Ideally, each road and trail system should effectively highlighting ecological, scenic, and cultural features within our facilities; provide specific, enjoyable recreational experiences to a variety of users; provide vital access for forest management, fire control and emergency response; and connect important trail corridors, destinations and population centers both within and outside of our facilities.  Our road and trail systems should achieve these goals while simultaneously avoiding sensitive areas, meeting user expectations, minimizing ecological impacts and minimizing maintenance requirements.

In pursuit of these goals, DCR has developed it DCR Trails Guidelines and Best Practices Manual  pdf format of DCR Trails Guidelines and Best Practices Manual
file size 3MB which outlines the trail system planning process.

DCR staff has completed the following trail system plans: