Last Update 3/18/2014

DCR’s annual program of monthly street-sweeping along selected roadways in the Boston area to clean those roadways and improve the quality of storm water runoff begins April 1 and will continue through November 30.

On designated sweeping days, parking is prohibited at various times along marked DCR streets and parkways. “No parking” signs have been installed at specific DCR locations, noting the day and hours that parking is prohibited. State Police will enforce the parking restrictions, and cars in violation will be towed.

The street-sweeping program is aimed at enhancing the maintenance and cleanliness of DCR properties. Last year, DCR collected more than 6,000 cubic yards of debris from the agency’s streets and parkways and took it to a recycling facility to where it will be converted to compost.

Here is the list of designated streets, and the days and hours they will be swept.

For more information, residents can call DCR’s Community Relations department at


DCR Parkways and Roadways in the Metro Boston Area pdf format of Urban Parkways

1st Monday

1st Tuesday

1st Wednesday

1st Thursday

1st Friday

2nd Monday

  • Boston Rivers District Parking Lots

    No Parking Hours: 8AM-3PM

2nd Tuesday

2nd Wednesday

2nd Thursday

2nd Friday

3rd Monday

  • Middlesex/Essex District Parking Lots

    No Parking Hours: 8AM-3PM

3rd Tuesday

3rd Wednesday

3rd Thursday

3rd Friday

4th Monday

  • Middlesex/Essex District Parking Lots

    No Parking Hours: 8AM-3PM

4th Tuesday

4th Wednesday

4th Thursday

4th Friday