Note: Applicants are strongly advised to contact dem's office of water resources (617-626-1366) to tailor a particular scope to a specific proposal.

The MEPA regulations, 301 CMR 11.03, require Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) for all Interbasin Transfer applications of 1 mgd or greater, or transfers otherwise considered significant by the Massachusetts Water Resources Commission (WRC).

The following scopes address four (4) different types of Interbasin Transfers. These are now the approved "application form" and should be used in place of the 1986 application form, previously available from this site. The proponent should use these scopes in the development of the EIR required under 301 CMR 11.03. The scopes contained herein are only for that portion of the EIR that pertains to the INTERBASIN TRANSFER ACT. There may be other issues which need to be addressed in the EIR for a particular project. The MEPA program should be contacted at 617-626-1020 to determine a comprehensive scope for the particular project.

The Interbasin Transfer scopes are designed to follow each criterion of the Act, as it appears in the regulations. The requirements of the regulations and the Interbasin Transfer Performance Standards (used to evaluate compliance) are listed under the criterion as information to be provided in the EIR. It is hoped that this format will give the applicant a better idea of how the WRC is required to make its decision under the Act.

These scopes only apply to transfers considered potentially "significant" under the Act. Requests for Determination of Applicability and Requests for Determination of Insignificance will still use the standard application forms for these types of reviews, available from this website.