Project Map
Demonstration projects are located in eight communities, shown in green, within the watershed

With funding from the EPA Targeted Watersheds Grant program, DCR implemented and monitored the performance of nine demonstration projects that highlighted low-impact development and water conservation techniques. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) used data collected from the demonstration projects in a watershed computer model that simulated the effect on river flows if these low-impact development and water conservation techniques were to be applied throughout the watershed.

Low-Impact Development Demonstrations

Four projects demonstrated low-impact development approaches and their potential to decrease stormwater runoff and nonpoint source pollution and to enhance groundwater recharge:

   1. Low-impact development subdivision
   2. Green roof
   3. Permeable paving materials and bioretention in a parking lot
   4. LID retrofits in a lake-side neighborhood

Water Conservation Demonstrations

Five projects demonstrated innovative water conservation approaches and their potential to reduce water demand:

   5.  Rainwater harvesting
   6.  Soil and turf amendments at municipal athletic fields
   7.  Water conservation retrofits and appliance rebates
   8.  Weather-based irrigation controllers
   9.  Water meter replacements and monthly water billing

These demonstration projects were located in eight communities within the Ipswich River watershed.