Ipswich River Watershed Association, Water Wise Communities: A Handbook for Municipal Managers in the Ipswich River Watershed (web version)


Relevant State and Federal Programs and Resources 

Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, Water Policy

Massachusetts Water Resources Commission

Massachusetts Water Conservation Standards
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Watersheds page


USGS Fact Sheet: Effects of water withdrawals on streamflow in the Ipswich River Basin, MA

USGS Report: Zarriello, Phillip J. 2002. Effects of Water-Management Alternatives on Streamflow in the Ipswich River Basin, Massachusetts. Open-file Report 01-483

USGS Report: Zarriello, P.J., and K.G. Ries, III. 2000. A Precipitation-Runoff Model for Analysis of the Effects of Water Withdrawals on Streamflow, Ipswich River Basin, Massachusetts. WRI 00-4029.

USGS Report: Armstrong, D. S., T. A. Richards and G. W. Parker. 2001. Assessment of habitat, fish communities, and streamflow requirements for habitat protection, Ipswich River, Massachusetts, 1998-99. WRI 01-4161. Prepared in cooperation with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management; Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection; Massachusetts Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Environmental Law Enforcement. WRI 014161