2017 Land Management Plan Update  pdf format of 2017 Land Management Plan Update
   Draft 2017 Land Management Plan  pdf format of Draft  2017 Land Management Plan
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DCR/DWSP is mandated through legislation and regulation to produce watershed management plans to "protect, preserve and enhance the environment of the Commonwealth and to assure the availability of pure water for future generations." The Quabbin Reservoir is the primary drinking water supply in the DCR managed watershed system. The Division of Water Supply Protection controls over 82,000 acres of land and water in the Quabbin Reservoir watershed.

The 2007-2017 Quabbin Land Management Plan provides principles from the current state of the science of watershed and natural resources management, agency goals for the ten year period, and specific objectives for accomplishing these in the areas of Land Protection, Forest Management, Wildlife Management, Management and Protection of Biodiversity, and Cultural Resources Protection. DCR/DWSP Forestry and Natural Resources staff worked with the Quabbin Watershed Advisory Council and reviewed comments from non-profit environmental organizations, academic researchers, and the general public to develop the goals, objectives, and management strategies laid out in the plan.

The plan builds on advancements in science and management techniques, the agency's own experience over six decades of managing the watershed and its resources, and accumulated input from advisory groups and the concerned public. It is designed as an adaptive plan, utilizing annual reviews to build immediately on new information and changes in the science that supports management decisions, and to revise objectives, as necessary, within the ten-year time frame of the plan.

Commissioner Richard K. Sullivan officially adopted the plan on September 17, 2007.

The following is the complete 2007-2017 Quabbin Land Management Plan. Links are provided for the entire plan in one document, as well as separated out by chapter for faster viewing. All files are in .pdf format. Copies are also available at the local watershed libraries and the Quabbin Visitor Center.

2007-2017 Quabbin Land Management Plan pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMP.pdf
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Executive Summary pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPES.pdf

        Table of Contents pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPTOC.pdf

        1. Mission, Mandates, and Planning Process pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh1.pdf
        2. Description of Quabbin Reservoir Watershed Resources pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh2.pdf
        3. Principles Guiding Watershed Management pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh3.pdf
        4. Watershed Management Goals pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh4.pdf
        5. Management Plan Objectives and Methods: 2007-2017 pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh5.pdf
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            5.1 Land Protection pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh5_1.pdf
            5.2 Management of Forested Lands pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh5_2.pdf
file size 1MB
            5.3 Management of Other DWSP Lands pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh5_3.pdf
            5.4 Wildlife Management pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh5_4.pdf
            5.5 Management and Protection of Biological Diversity pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh5_5.and5_6.pdf
            5.6 Protection of Cultural Resources pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh5_5.and5_6.pdf

        6. Research, Inventory, and Monitoring Needs pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh6.pdf
        7. Public Involvement: Public Review and Comments pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh7.pdf
        8. Literature Cited and General References pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh8_9.pdf
        9. Glossary of Terms pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh8_9.pdf
        10. Appendices pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh10.pdf
        11. Index pdf format of 2007QuabbinLMPCh11.pdf

Comments and questions can be sent to:
Thom Snowman, Quabbin Reservoir, 485 Ware Rd. Belchertown, MA 01007 phone: 413-323-7254 x551; E-mail: thom.snowman@state.ma.us