The 2003-2012 Ware River Land Management Plan is the first comprehensive plan for natural resources on the Ware River watershed. This land management plan proposes methods to effectively manage, protect, and conserve the natural resources on Division watershed properties, with the principal objective of enhancing the protection of the water supply. Developing a management strategy to meet all the needs assigned to the DCR/DWSP is not an easy task. There are numerous constraints that must be considered in developing management options. Effective management requires an ongoing process of reviewing and weighing uses against potential impacts upon the primary goal of water quality protection. This review is followed by carefully crafting policy and management decisions that consider the public's desire to use and enjoy the area, while preserving the primary objective of water supply protection.

The plan outlines DCR/DWSP's management objectives to maintain the most effective and practical, ecologically sustainable watershed land cover in order to maximize the natural filtering capability of the Division watershed lands surrounding the Ware River intake. The plan also identifies management strategies for land acquisition, wildlife, cultural resources and biodiversity.

Ware River Watershed Land Management Plan 2003-2012

Title Page/Table of Contents pdf format of Ware River Watershed Title Page/Table of Contents

Executive Summary pdf format of Ware River Watershed Executive Summary

1. Introduction pdf format of Ware River Watershed Introduction
file size 1MB

2. Background: Ware River Watershed pdf format of Ware River Watershed Background

3. Water Resources pdf format of Ware River Watershed Water Resources

4. Land Protection pdf format of Ware River Watershed Land Protection

5. Management of Forested Lands Controlled by DCR/DWSP pdf format of Management of Forested Lands Controlled by DCR/DWSP
file size 1MB

6. Wildlife Management pdf format of Ware River Watershed Wildlife Management

7. Management to Protect the Natural Landscape on DWSP Property pdf format of Management Protect Natural Landscape on DWSP Property

8. Management of Early-successional Habitat for Landscape Diversity pdf format of Mgt of Early-succession Habitat for Landscape Diversity

9. Research, Inventory, and Monitoring Needs pdf format of Research, Inventory, and Monitoring Needs

10. Appendix I: Discussion of Forest Management Approaches pdf format of Appendix I: Discussion of Forest Management Approaches

11. Appendix II: Uncommon Plants Potentially Occurring on DWSP Properties pdf format of Appendix II Uncommon Plants Potentially DWSP Properties

Literature Cited and Glossary of Terms pdf format of Literature Cited and Glossary of Terms

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