A river running encased in concrete shoot with a barbed wire fence in foreground

Since 1996 DER has been an advocate of Urban Rivers, championing the potential of these often overlooked waterways and promoting their value as natural resources in the midst of a built environment. It is our belief urban rivers can and should play a significant role in improving the livability of our cities while recognizing the inherent challenges of urban river restoration. Most importantly the program hopes to advance the public’s understanding of and enthusiasm for urban rivers. 

Urban River Projects may be nominated to become a DER Priority Project. If selected, DER can provide resources to help a community address the unique challenges and varied needs of their urban waterway to help plan and achieve an appropriate level of restoration and urban revitalization.

Examples of Urban River Priority Projects

Hoosic River, North Adams

North Nashua River, Fitchburg

Spicket River, Lawrence