Massachusetts contains a highly diverse assemblage of wetland types that support critical natural habitats for numerous plants and animals. Wetlands also provide many important societal services, such as flood reduction and water quality improvement, that help protect and sustain our quality of life. Unfortunately, vast areas of wetlands throughout the Commonwealth have been filled, drained, impounded, ditched, and impaired by pollution and altered hydrology.

To help reverse the negative effects of past wetland damage, DER works with many partners to implement a wide variety of wetland restoration projects across Massachusetts. In short, the Division serves as a facilitator of restoration – working to identify new projects, organize project teams, provide technical assistance, secure project funding, and help manage and coordinate restoration activities from start to finish.

large concrete culvert being lowered into place by workers
Eastham – Boat Meadow Creek 2002
Yarmouth – Bass Creek bridge 2008
Yarmouth – Bass Creek 2008
worker watching large backhoe
Quincy – Broad Meadows 2011

Restoration by the Numbers (as of March 2013)*

  • Completed Wetland Projects: 85
  • Acres Under Restoration: 1,427
  • Active Projects: ~30
Broad Meadows Aerial photo - before
Broad Meadows Aerial photo - before
Broad Meadows Aerial photo - after
Broad Meadows Aerial photo - after