DER has collaborated with numerous partners to develop inventories of potential wetland restoration sites throughout Massachusetts.  The purpose of these inventories is to identify, evaluate, and prioritize restoration opportunities that can be advanced by DER and others.  The majority of coastal areas have now been covered, along with several inland watersheds.

In 2013, DER began a project to consolidate and update information on all potential tidal wetland restoration opportunities identified in these inventories.  This effort will produce a comprehensive GIS geodatabase covering the entire Massachusetts coast.  The geodatabase will be maintained and updated by the division as new restoration sites are identified, existing sites are further investigated, and restoration projects are completed.

train on hill over culvert
Barnstable – Bridge Creek 2005
backhoe digging through icy wetland
Ipswich/Essex – Castle Neck River 2013
foot bridge at sunset with marsh in background
Mashpee – South Cape Beach 2008

Map of coastal wetland restoration inventories

Map of 10 coastal wetland restoration inventories areas in eastern massachusetts