Stream Teams provide on-going stewardship for a stream (a tributary or part of a mainstem) for at least a year.  Over 100 groups have been started, and many have gone on to become watershed associations with large river constituencies. Stream Teams work locally to protect and restore the streams in their community. In many communities, Streams Teams play an integral role in protecting natural resources and in working with conservation commissions to create active citizen participation. 

Stream Team Toolkit

Interested in starting a Stream Team or conducting stream surveys?  Our Stream Team Toolkit includes everything you would need to organize a Stream Team for your local tributary.

Shoreline Survey Resources:

Flow Chart pdf format of shorelinesurveyflowchart.pdf

Shoreline Survey Case Study pdf format of adoptastreamcasestudy.pdf
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Shoreline Survey Training Video

    (produced in cooperation with the Wild & Scenic Westfield River Committee)

Shoreline Survey Datasheets doc format of stream-team-2007-data-sheets

Estuary Shoreline Survey Datasheets doc format of stream-team-estuary