Biological Surveys, Research, and Testing Contracts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department Fish and Game (DFG) is seeking qualified vendors to perform a variety of biological surveys, research and testing throughout the state. (Note: All documents are in Microsoft Word  format unless otherwise noted.)


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Specific Opportunities

DFW-2015-023: Fact Sheet Writers for Rare Plant Species

The Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program (NHESP) is soliciting bids for services for writing NHESP Fact Sheets on rare plant species (see list of species at the end of this request for services). NHESP is seeking one or more individuals or entities with relevant biological backgrounds and strong writing and summarizing skills to write some or all of the fact sheets listed. NHESP is planning to contract for four (4) fact sheets under this Request for Services. NHESP needs the final fact sheets by March 16, 2015.

Background: Fact Sheets that describe rare plant and animal species and natural communities are posted on the NHESP website and are provided as paper copies to the public upon request. The fact sheets written under this proposal are for new plant species listed under the changes in the MESA list, to make biological information accessible for planning and biodiversity conservation purposes.

The ideal fact sheet is 2 pages in a 2 column/page format, with photographs or illustrations, however, the length of NHESP’s existing fact sheets vary with the amount of information known. NHESP will produce the Massachusetts distribution maps for the fact sheets and will do the final formatting.

For examples of some of NHESP’s rare species fact sheets see: Massachusetts List of Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern Species (blue highlighted species are linked to the fact sheets). Example to use as model is noted with the list of species to be written up.

Duties: Write draft and final species specific fact sheets that include the following sections:

For plants:

  • Description
  • Aids to Identification
  • Similar Species
  • Habitat in Massachusetts
  • Phenology chart / Flowering times in Massachusetts [NHESP will produce the chart; the contractors will provide the information on months that the species flowers and/or fruits, whichever is conspicuous for identification]
  • Range
  • Threats
  • Population status in Massachusetts
  • Management recommendations

Illustrations of species or communities:  Photographs or illustrations by the fact sheet authors will be considered, with agreements for non-exclusive use.  Reimbursements for accepted illustrations will be in addition to the writing payments. Illustration sources are identified in the fact sheets. If the author does not provide their own illustrations, recommendations of possible illustrations would be useful.

Information for fact sheets: The Fact Sheet writer(s) will be expected to consult with NHESP staff in the Westborough Field Headquarters throughout the contract period. NHESP has general files on all these species and natural communities as well as detailed site-specific information that will be provided to the selected writer(s) when a data release agreement has been signed. It will generally be up to the fact sheet writer to come to Westborough to review and copy the appropriate files.

Author credit: Fact sheets are considered to be a product of the NHESP; individual authors are not identified on the fact sheets.

Deliverables: Electronic in Microsoft Word of Final Draft fact sheets.

  • FINAL DRAFT due to NHESP no later than March 16, 2015:
    • NHESP does not return draft fact sheets to the authors for revision.
    • NHESP edits and produces the final fact sheets.  

Payment: $325 per fact sheet. Payment is for the product, fact sheets with text ready for final formatting. Illustrations that are accepted for use in a fact sheet will include a non-exclusive use agreement. The illustrator/photographer will be paid $50 for the non-exclusive use in perpetuity.

Proposal submission: Proposals should be submitted to Karen M. Dolan, Finance & Projects Administrator.  Paper copies should be sent to:

Karen M. Dolan,Finance & Projects Administrator

Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife

1 Rabbit Hill Road

Westborough, MA 01581

Applicants must be a vendor on the State Master Services Agreement for Biological Surveys (see above).

Interested vendors who have not previously written fact sheets for NHESP should submit a brief proposal addressing:

  • The vendor’s understanding of the product desired and how they will meet the requirements, including which fact sheets they want to undertake;
  • Specify who will do the work and provide that person’s qualifications including:
    • Experience with species groups or natural communities chosen for fact sheet writing
    • Experience summarizing technical information for public reports (include a writing sample as relevant as possible to species/community specific communication);
  • At least one professional reference specific to the above requirements

All vendors should submit a list of which Fact Sheets are being proposed to write, and anticipated illustrations to be offered, if known.

Proposal Bid Due Date:  On or before January 26, 2015, 2 PM

Bidders Conference: No, however personal interviews may be scheduled to assess an individual or other vendor’s qualifications and relevant experience.

Questions: Potential vendors may submit questions in writing to Karro Frost, NHESP Conservation Planning Botanist at .

Table 1. State Protected Rare Plant Species (MESA listed) with Fact Sheets needed.

For plants example, see

GroupCommon NameScientific NameMESA RankFederal Rank
plantsTwinflowerLinnaea borealis ssp. americanaSC 
plantsGreen Adder’s MouthMalaxis unifoliaT 
plantsOne-flowered PyrolaMoneses unifloraSC 
plantsSouthern TwaybladeNeottia bifoliaT