Below are the current contract opportunities with the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. Click on an individual link to find the Request for Response and required forms.

DFW-2015-011 pdf format of RFR DFW-2015-011 Demolition of Barns on Southwick WMA
  Demolition of Abandoned Structures at the Southwick Wildlife Management Area

The project will consist of the salvage, demolition, removal and proper disposal of three (3) tobacco barns and clean up of debris from four (4) barns that have previously burned to the ground due to arson at the Southwick Wildlife Management Area.prevailing wage rates_DFW-2015-011 pdf format of prevailing wage rates_DFW-2015-011

DFW-2015-016 pdf format of FY15 Crane Thinning RFP_FINAL
file size 3MB Frances Crane North Tree Thinning and Shrub Mowing

The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFW) is soliciting proposals for a project located at the Frances Crane Wildlife Management Area, on the north side of Route 151, in Falmouth, MA (Figure 01).  The total Project Area is 470 acres of mostly full-canopied forest composed primarily of tree oaks and pitch pine above an understory of primarily blueberry/huckleberry and scrub oak.  Canopy thinning is prescribed for 410 acres in the Project Area, resulting in a retained canopy cover ranging from 30-50% across the entire Project Area.  Additionally, all designated roads and fire breaks (see Figures 02 & 03) will require 100% canopy removal in a 25’ wide buffer strip on either side of each road/fire break, and all understory in these buffers are to be mowed.  These buffers total approximately 60 acres.Prevailing wage rate DFW-2015-016 pdf format of prevailing wage DFW-2015-016
ADDENDA no 1 for RFR-DFW-2015-016 pdf format of ADDENDA no  1 for RFR-DFW-2015-016