MassWildlife is overseen by a seven-member Fisheries and Wildlife Board appointed by the Governor. Under Chapter 21, the Board supervises and controls the agency, having the authority to make regulations, sets policy, and oversees personnel appointments. The Board meets monthly and holds public hearings as part of the regulatory process. All meetings and hearings are posted on the agency website as well as at agency facilities.

The Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Advisory Committee , established in 1981, is another seven-member citizen body. The role of the Committee is to provide MassWildlife with independent scientific advice on the conservation and protection of over 400 species of wild plants and animals that are not hunted, fished or trapped. In addition, the Committee advises the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program on matters such as promotion of the Natural Heritage Fund, funding priorities for biological field research and inventory as well as other issues concerning the protection of biodiversity in Massachusetts.

Fisheries and Wildlife Board