Children Fishing

Learn to fish from MassWildlife's Angler Education Program (AEP). Try fishing and feel confident in continuing this great outdoor activity after your experience with us!

The goals of the Program are:

  • Introduce or reintroduce people of all ages to fishing
  • Educate people about the state’s aquatic wildlife and habitats through fishing
  • Promote Massachusetts’ abundant waterways and fishing opportunities
  • Provide a fun, relaxing outdoor experience

How can you get involved?

  • Family Fishing Festivals – These public events focus on families and are usually 4-6 hours in length and held on weekends. Festivals occur throughout the state in coordination with local community groups or environmental organizations. Volunteer instructors from the AEP are on hand to show participants “the ropes” with casting, knot tying, and fish identification stations. You don’t need a fishing license at these events and many times fishing equipment is provided. Anyone with their own fishing gear is encouraged to bring it along! Events are posted on the Angler Education Calendar . If you are interested in organizing a family fishing festival, contact the Program Coordinator.
  • Fishing Clinics – These short programs (2-3 hours) can be scheduled through the Program Coordinator for small groups such as municipal recreation programs, Scouts, summer camps and libraries. We’re especially interested in reaching beginner (or nearly novice) anglers at these events!
  • Fishing Gear Loaner Program – For groups and organizations which already have an event organized, but only need equipment. If we can’t be there, we can still help by lending some fishing gear! Rods, reels, terminal tackle, and instructional handouts are all part of the package.
  • Learn more about fishing:

Volunteer Instructors Make it Happen! 

Annually, the Angler Education Program connects with over 7,000 people, but these numbers wouldn’t be possible without the contribution by our knowledgeable, dedicated, enthusiastic Volunteer Instructors.  If you are an avid angler with a desire to share your knowledge, passion and fishing experience with others, consider becoming an Angler Education Instructor! 

For more information about the Program or to become a volunteer instructor, contact Jim Lagacy, Program Coordinator email him at or call (508) 389-6309.