Pass on the Tradition!

Volunteer Instructor with Student

Who are the Volunteer Instructors?

Hunter Education Volunteer Instructors are committed and enthusiastic outdoorsmen and women who want to pass on the traditions, ethics and excitement of outdoor activities to beginners of all ages.

What Courses Do Volunteer Instructors Teach?

The core of the Hunter Education Program is the Basic Hunter Education Course, which is a minimum of 12 hours in length.   Advanced Courses also taught by instructors include Bow Hunter Education, Trapper Education, Black Powder Education, Map, Compass & Survival and Waterfowl Identification and Hunting.  These courses range from 8 hours - 12 hours in length. 

How Can I Become a Volunteer Instructor?

The Hunter Education Program is looking for people who want to "give back" to their outdoor recreation. If you have had previous volunteer experience working with youths and/or adults, are an educator or someone who wants to be a teacher to others, we want you! Before filling out an application form, all prospective instructors must successfully complete a Basic Hunter Education Course.  Applicants who would like to teach Advanced Courses must also be a graduate of the specialty course(s) in which they have an interest.  Applicants must fill out an application form providing information for the MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife to conduct background checks.  Upon successful completion of these steps, applicants will be notified about Training Workshops held in several locations in the state, usually in the spring and fall.  Attendance at these workshops is a mandatory part of the certification process.

What Is Expected of a Volunteer Instructor?

In order to remain a certified Volunteer Instructor, you must participate in at least 1 course per year and attend an annual Instructor Training workshop.  Instructors work in teams, under the leadership of a Team Leader who sets up courses and pulls the teaching team together.  Depending on your skills, comfort level, and knowledge, you will be asked to assist in several ways at a course, from organizing paperwork, helping small groups of students in a hands-on exercise to providing instruction to the entire class.   The Team Leader will work with you to determine what meets your needs as well as the needs of the course. 

What Other Ways Can I Contribute to the Hunter Education Program?

Volunteer Instructors have reviewed materials and equipment for possible use by the Program.  Others have submitted articles for newsletters or staff information booths at sportsmen's shows and other public events.  At times, instructors have had the opportunity to teach introductory sessions relating to hunter safety for special events and workshops.  The ways in which an instructor can contribute to this program are numerous, limited only by your skills, time and availability!

Contact Information

For more information on becoming a Hunter Education Instructor in Massachusetts, please contact the Program at (508) 389-7820.