Students must attend all listed dates for each of the courses. The Basic Course is mandatory for first time license buyers in Massachusetts. The Trapper Education course is mandatory to obtain a trap registration number and for Problem Animal Control Agents. The Bowhunter Education course is not mandatory in Massachusetts, but it is accepted by any other state requiring this course for deer hunters who wish to hunt in those states with a bow.

Course Enrollment Information -- All courses and course materials are free. Course schedules are updated often; however, classes fill up quickly. Those interested in Basic Hunter Education, Bowhunter Education, or Trapper Education can use the Course Notification Form to be notified of upcoming classes via email. Those interested in other classes, which are offered less frequently, may contact hunter education office at (508) 389-7820 and will be notified via postal mail.

Hunting/Sporting License Purchase Law -- Effective January 1, 2007 legislation requires first time hunting or sporting license buyers to produce a certificate showing they have passed a Basic Hunter Education course or show a hunting or sporting license from any previous year and/or any state or province. This legislation reinstates the hunter education requirement that had been in place prior to major gun law changes in 1998.