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Information about the Independent Study Course

The Independent Study Basic Hunter Education Course is an alternative format to the traditional course. In independent study, students are guided by an instructor team and take the same course as students in a traditional course but will work independently to complete some of the course work.   Independent Study students can use either an online course (also available on CD) or use a student manual and workbook to complete the essential homework assignments which will earn them credit towards a Massachusetts Basic Hunter Education Certificate.

This essential homework is only part of the course. Students must also attend two class sessions and PASS the final exam as well.  The main advantage with Independent Study is that this format offers a flexible learning option at a distance and allows the student to complete the necessary coursework without attending multiple classes.  This format does require as much time and effort as a traditional course and will require students to plan their schedule to successfully complete the program in the allotted time. Independent Study is a good option for students with tight schedules and who are self-motivated, conscientious and learn well on their own.

How to complete a course in this format

  1. ENROLL IN ONE OF THE COURSES OFFERED IN THE INDEPENDENT STUDY COURSE FORMAT. You must enroll in a scheduled course being offered in this format to attend.  STUDENTS 17 YEARS OLD and YOUNGER (minors) must have parental or guardian consent to participate. Parents and guardians are invited and strongly encouraged to accompany the minor. This format can be difficult for younger students. Minors taking the independent study course with an adult are more likely to be successful.
  2. ATTEND THE FIRST CLASS SESSION. Obtain instruction on course requirements, receive study materials including student manual and receive lessons on Hunting laws and Hunter ethics.
  3. COMPLETE AND SUBMIT THE NECESSARY HOMEWORK. Either complete the Northeast Hunter Education Manual Workbook and bring it to the field day or complete the lessons available on a CD including the associated end-of-section quizzes. Print the quiz results and bring them to the Field day.
  4. PARTICIPATE IN THE FIELD DAY AND TAKE THE FINAL EXAM. At the field day, students participate in a number of hands-on activities.  Class participation and performance is a factor in determining successful completion of the course. Students are expected to demonstrate safe gun handling and a mature and responsible attitude toward firearms, people and natural resources. There is also a final written exam. Students must pass the exam with a score of 80% or better.

If you have questions about the suitability of this format for you or another prospective student, please call the Hunter Education Program at (508) 389-7820.

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