Trapper Education is mandatory for all first-time trappers and Problem Animal Control (PAC) Agents in order to apply for a Massachusetts trap registration number. A state issued trapper education certificate from any US state is accepted.

The MassWildlife Hunter Education Program offers 3-4 trapper education courses each year in different locations across the state. Courses are typically offered in the spring, summer and fall. You may need to travel a longer distance in order to attend this course. Upon successful completion, graduates will be mailed a Certificate of Completion recognized in all U.S. states.

Those who wish to prepare for a course, review learned material or simply explore course content have a free online option. The Association of Fish and Wildlife agencies offers a free online North American Trapper Education course which covers the entire standardized Trapper Education course. 


Check back in February when we start posting the 2015 schedule or subscribe to be notified of courses being offered in the state.