Campers pitching a tent

The Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp (MJCC) is designed to introduce teen girls and boys (13-17-years old) to outdoor recreation skills, (including fishing, hunting, shooting sports, boating, and camping) to develop and foster their interest in natural resource conservation and stewardship, and to promote the ethical responsibility in their pursuit of outdoor activities.  Operated by Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp, Inc. with assistance from  the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, Massachusetts Environmental Police, and the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Bureaus of Forestry and Fire Control.


Camp Program -- A blend of outdoor skills and natural resource learning opportunities are offered as the core of the program. Outdoor skills offerings include state-approved courses in Hunter Education and Boating Safety, fishing, and shooting sports (rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, archery). Conservation topics taught by state agency natural resource professionals include wildlife, fisheries and forest management.  Campers will also have the opportunity to choose from a range of outdoor and conservation-related activities. Evening programs feature a range of environmental and outdoor recreation topics and demonstrations. 


Camp Dates:  August 2-14, 2015


Camp Location: (New location for 2015!) Camp Moses Scout Reservation, Russell, MA


Camp Fee: $750 — all fees included.

Camp Sponsorships Available:  Many local sportsmen’s clubs reserve slots for campers and offer a sponsorship to camp—in most cases, your teen does not need to be a member to apply! Contact the local clubs in your area in late winter to find out if they have selected the campers for camp yet. 

For more details and answers to frequently asked questions, go to the Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp website.